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I'm trying to research information on a watch that I've had since 1975 and have searched all over the internet to get some information on the value and whether it is worth doing some restoration or selling it for its gold value. I have the original box and paperwork on the watch. The watch number is 136267.

My Grandfather had been a watchmaker and jeweler until his retirement in the early 70's. In the very early 1980's, the watch stem became loose. Rather than having the watch sent to Ebel for repair I opted to let the local jeweler just tighten the stem. Later a problem developed and I was told the plates were stripped in the movement.

My grandfather was in Switzerland around that time and bought a new movement for the watch from Girard-Perregaux 633-676. He purchased me a second movement as a spare that has never been used. It is a 17 jewel movement Swiss unadjusted.

It no longer has the original Ebel movement and the inside of the case has had some changes to accommodate the manual movement put in by my late Grandfather. I assume the movement mentioned above is what was put into the watch, but I didn't want to pull the back of the case off. I've thought about having the watch sent off and returned to its original condition. Is it worth the expense to try to restore that watch? I haven't worn the watch for about 16 years. The watch worked, but sometimes got a hint of moisture in the case. Other than the above issues it is a beautiful watch.

I would love the forum's thoughts whether to restore the watch, sell it for the gold and an estimate of the cost to repair to its original condition.

The watch is an open mess link bracelet that is 23 1/2mm wide and weights 42.7 grams. The band is 7" long. I posted a photo today 4/19/2012 of the watch. New to the forum stuff. Any input would be much appreciated. Thanks. DBF
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