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Wow, I've been gone for a little bit! Mainly due to the flu, work, and birthdays (March is a crazy month for birthdays in my family).

To the meat of this thread. I get to go to Las Vegas for the first time ever next week! I plan on going to all the Rolex AD's that i can find. I was wondering if there are any that I must go to. I know of the one at the casino that John reported on but any else? If I win big I'll make sure to bring one home and of course post pics.
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Make sure that you go to the Rolex dealer at the Wynn. It's exclusively Rolex. They have a great selection (they had the Leopard Daytona). There is a little place in the MGM Grand which is near the entrance to the shuttle train. They usually have some nice pieces.

If you are going to be near the Venetian, check out Horologio and Ca'dOro. Horologio has nice high-end stuff like VC and UN, as well as Franck Muller. They are a little more personable than Tourneau.

What ever you do, make it to Torneau in the Caeser shops, you could set aside an entire afternoon for that.

Right ouside of Tourneau there is a little shop that carries some nice IWC stuff, and other things that you won't see at the big place.

Those are the places that I know, but there are tons of Rolex dealers all around town (one also in the Mandaly Bay, I believe). Some cool specialty shops carry stuff like Harry Winston and Jacob if you care to search them out. They're fun to look at as well.

Enjoy your stay.
General question regarding Las Vegas and ADs - I've heard you can buy SS Daytonas - does anyone know this to be true? I am not a big Daytona guy... but I am just wondering..
I actually spoke to a Vegas Tourneau sales rep about that and she said that the SS Daytona is for the guys that drop over 100k p/ year with them. She politely declined to show me one, but said they had two of them on site. She also denied the existence of a "list". I got the same story from my local AD as well.
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