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Wow, I've been gone for a little bit! Mainly due to the flu, work, and birthdays (March is a crazy month for birthdays in my family).

To the meat of this thread. I get to go to Las Vegas for the first time ever next week! I plan on going to all the Rolex AD's that i can find. I was wondering if there are any that I must go to. I know of the one at the casino that John reported on but any else? If I win big I'll make sure to bring one home and of course post pics.
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I actually spoke to a Vegas Tourneau sales rep about that and she said that the SS Daytona is for the guys that drop over 100k p/ year with them. She politely declined to show me one, but said they had two of them on site. She also denied the existence of a "list". I got the same story from my local AD as well.
This is irritating for the average consumer. When I was looking for my LV, the first two ADs I went to said the same. Unless you spend 100K a year here, you will have no chance for getting this watch. We save them for those clients who wish to spend that money with us. So I left, and at the third AD said they did have them; but, not on display. They would only show and/or sell them to anyone who inquired about them. Naturally, I did business with that AD, gave them scores of references, and told everyone about the 1st two ADs refusing to do business with me.
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