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Vancouver Paneristi GTG II

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Published on 08-02-2011 05:34 AM

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With lots of non-Risti stuff as well!!

Here is the shirt Sam ( made for the group at the January GTG.
Outerwear Shirt Product Sleeve Font

Table shot with the sign that Wade made at the 1st event as well. JWon and Sam keeping it with added siggies for the next event.
Drinkware Bottle Barware Glass bottle Font

A lot of the Seattle Ristis couldn't make it This second time and many of the Vancouver peeps were busy with family and newborns (Congrats Nelson!) this long weekend. Yet a great turnout nevertheless with lots of donated swag to draw for.
Musical instrument Musical instrument accessory Audio equipment Electronic instrument Gas

Risti and Non-Risti table shot
Table Sleeve Font Eyewear T-shirt

Swag I won. PAM yearly calendar in a bound book and a baseball style Risti Yachting shirt.
Watch Analog watch Clock Watch accessory Font

Mike sat next to me. His box of beauties. I met him from the first TZ GTG many years back. He recently acquired a Lange like me and on this day, he also bought a Seadweller from Steve. Tags, stickers and all! Safe baby never been worn.
Watch Analog watch Product Rectangle Clock

The big cousins to Panerai of the Richemont family, a pair of A.Langes

Food Table Tableware Plate Sharing

Mike, Ari & Wade

More of Mike's rose gold Lange
Watch Hand Analog watch Gesture Watch accessory

Watch Brown Analog watch Rectangle Clock

The new SD he bought from Steve. Both Steve and his wife Carol came up from Washington state for the weekend. It was awesome weather for a change and the venue was perfect on the patio.
Hand Finger Creative arts Body jewelry Thumb

Watch Analog watch Clock Everyday carry Finger

Steve wore his Silberstein!
Hand Watch Finger Analog watch Eyewear

Hand Finger Knee Thigh Thumb

Watch Analog watch Gesture Clock Everyday carry

Carol wore her 40mm white dial Pam
Watch Analog watch Clock Everyday carry Watch accessory

Ari had his Seika Anata, an original Omega Proplof diver, and a red gold Ferrari Girard Perregaux watch that I forgot to snap a wrist shot of! :( Ari did draw the GP t-shirt too. What a coincidence!
Hand Watch Gesture Finger Thumb

Watch Hand Analog watch Arm Clock

Watch Analog watch Everyday carry Clock Font

Watch Analog watch Photograph Black Gesture

More watch talk going on here on my left side with Mike, Ari, Wade and Steve.
Tableware Table Drinkware Beer Barware

Shirt Sunglasses Motor vehicle Hat Baseball cap

Lia got in here too, then Sam. We had two tables back and forth looking for shade. But the sun on the watches were heating up the metal and yet taking great pics as well?! Toughie... We initially had an inside high seated longbar table, but it was the right call by organizers Kevin and Sam to move outside on the patio!

Tableware Table Eyewear Hat Sunglasses

One of the coolest swag gifts. Sam won a Panerai belt. Looked nautical with it's navy blue front area and twined rope going around the waist to back.
Textile Sleeve Jersey Waist Grey

Watch Analog watch Clock Watch accessory Measuring instrument

Sam's Submersible. He also acquired a new GMT which I failed to grab a pic of :(

But I still had lots of time with Mike's collection. Here are more of his.
Watch Camera accessory Finger Watch accessory Font

Watch Hand Analog watch Arm Gesture

Watch Analog watch Clock Watch accessory Font

Watch Hand Analog watch Rectangle Watch accessory

Watch Analog watch Light Gesture Clock

Watch Analog watch Photograph Light Blue

Tableware Food Drinkware Gas Plate

Watch Brown Analog watch Watch accessory Clock

Watch Analog watch Light Watch accessory Gesture

Sorry fellas. I am just realizing now that I barely went around to drool with the Ristis talking straps, new Basel pieces and Paneristi forum gossip, etc.

I hear that this piece is quite desirable. Demitry's PAM 339 made entirely out of composite material. I'm talking feather weight light here! Amazing!
Watch Hand Analog watch Finger Gesture

Watch Brown Analog watch Everyday carry Clock

Here is another show stopper. A limited edition run with Steve's name engraved on the caseback.
Watch Hand Analog watch Light Finger

Gesture Finger Thumb Nail Bottle cap

Noticing a lot of black metals at this GTG! I seem to remember at the January party (I'll dig up the link) we had a lot of SS and lots of new in house Panerais being shown around. Quite the trend switch from half a year ago. :)
Watch Analog watch Clock Everyday carry Font

But then Sam opens up his travelcase and I'll just stop thinking aloud. There is the 'new' GMT he picked up. Not in-house, but the previous ETA version. Pretty sharp strap on it!

Moving to my right...Kyle has my full attention. He's gone through a 20 watch Panerai phase and now he's all about modern Rolex. Well, until he moves some of his vintage pieces online or he'll bring at the next party. Double reds, Comex, McQueen, Newman Daytona, etc

Here's what he managed to put in his pocket that didn't mix with his reserved pocket for a Samsung Galaxy ii. Wow! 8mp camera and wireless data sending (music, pics, etc)!!
Watch Analog watch Tableware Clock Finger

Your eyes aren't deceiving you. This bronze Breitling dial use to be blue.
Watch Hand Analog watch Muscle Gesture

Watch Analog watch White Clock Watch accessory

Watch Analog watch Clock Everyday carry Watch accessory

Kyle was wearing a DSSD and showed us the differences between this easy glide clasp and the new Sub system. Far superior as he demonstrated. Sorry no pic of the DeepSea. I am too amazed by seeing his new green Sub in the flesh. Handled the black on my trip to Hawaii in February. This is steering me away from the GMT ii-c, I must admit.

Clothing Tableware Table Drinkware Beer

Across from me, Steve, Carol, Wade, Demitry. Kyle on my right.
Table Eyewear Automotive design Gadget Office equipment

Table Tableware Furniture Dishware Plate

As always, GTG was about new friends, old friends, forums, travel, life experiences, food...and those dumb hockey rioters.

Swag to give out. As seen before, some pretty cool stuff!
Tableware Hat Shorts Plant T-shirt

Kevin got us to draw out of the bag and we wanted to make sure everyone left with something. Steve and his wife Carol provided some generous Risti donations as did all the others.
Tableware Eyewear Hat Shorts Leisure

Steve discussing with Kyle and Mike
Hat Eyewear T-shirt Table Engineering

Plant Table Furniture Tableware Flowerpot

Demitry, Sam and Lia chilling. Right before Sam lit up a Cohiba

Cuisine Gas Audio equipment Auto part Metal

Final shot, thanks for looking. I'll add anything if the others post up their pics from the event. None if us brought an SLR so cameraphones was the device of choice. Actually, Demitry had a modern Leica digital camera. So I'll follow him.

My one personal wrist shot of the day. GV back on it's bracelet for summer time. Gotta love the PCL's.
Watch Analog watch Product Azure Gesture

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