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I am starting this thread because I couldn't find a similar one. If this is a duplicate or in the wrong place, feel free to kill it or move it where it belongs.

First let me say that I love the new software and new look to the forum. I have a couple of suggestions or comments.

1. Access to the settings that allow us to change number of threads per page, number of messages per page and similar. I believe this software has the ability for us to make those changes, only effecting our personal user account. (maybe I just have not found that here yet)

2. As time permits, the ablility to change between available templates for the forum. (a forum I belong to that uses vbulletin has 6 different "looks" that are set in the user cp)

3. In the Quick Links area, can we add one to show threads that we have posted in?

4. Oh and where is the casino? (only kidding about that one)

Again, I love all the work that has been done so far.


(edit to add: )
Oh and I forgot...maybe a spell checker for those who suffer from outcome based education?
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