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Originally posted by WTF member Kambani555.... :)


The following are some helpful guidelines when making a Rolex purchase through an authorized dealer.

1. Verify authorized dealer status for any retail store you are considering giving your business. The best way to do is is to call call Rolex (Phone numbers for your country are available at and get the dealers list from them for your city/region.

2. Make the difficult choice of which Rolex model(s) you wish to purchase.

3. Be aware of the current Rolex production series at the time of purchase. All Rolex serial numbers begin with a letter - this letter determines the production year. For instance, the current production serial begins with the letter 'Z', with the production serial letter prior to that being, 'D', and prior to that, 'F'. There is no rhyme or reason to how these letters are issued in their production sequence, but they do identify the production year. Now, many authorized dealers are likely to have many production serials represented in their case - it just depends on how well and how fast watches sell out of their case. It they sell fast, then a dealer will have newer stock in their case. The Z series is so new, not many dealers are likely to have many Z series watches in their cases as of this writing. More likely, they will have D, and perhaps even F watches. The older the watch serial production is, the longer it's been sitting in a dealer's case, and the more potential you have for price negotiation. On the flip side, if you're looking for the latest production GMT Master II, and all a dealer has in stock is an F serial, you can request that the dealer order a brand new one from the factory - but it may take several weeks. Just be sure to ask the serial production letter of any Rolex you're considering.

3. Even when dealing with an Authorized Dealer, it doesn't hurt to make a few quick checks of the model your're buying to verify authenticity:
A. Is the crown laser etching on the crystal at 6 o clock position present?
B. Are the case number and serial number present between the lugs of the watch? Do they match the numbers on the warranty paperwork the dealer has ith the watch? You should ask the dealer to show you this.

4. Is the warranty paperwork consistent with the country you're purchasing the watch? If you purchase a watch in the UK, and the watch has paperwork from Hong Kong, chances are it's a "grey market" watch that may not be warranty supported by Rolex.

5. Does the watch come with the correct accessories? Accessories vary a bit by model, but at a minimum you should have:
A. Inner and Outer box
B. Instruction booklet
C. polishing cloth
D. Red COSC/Chronometer hang tag (only non-chronometer models like the no-date Submariner will not have this).
E. Warranty certificate - make sure the dealer's business name appears on the certificate, as well as your name (correct spelling) appears on the certificate.
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