Two tone Submariner in Rose Gold?

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So far, I have seen only yellow gold. Has anyone seen a two tone Submariner in Rose Gold? Maybe they will offer one at Basel. I just like the look of it a little more than yellow gold.
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Humm... I've never thought of this, but I agree a TT w/ rose would look very nice.. :thumbup1: I also think the rose gold looks very good in a TT model. It's just a bit warmer than it's yellow counterpart.

I'd very much be interested in that.... :001_tt1: :drool:
I'm old school....usually prefer good old yellow gold. :001_tongue:
but isn't the old school rose gold? Wasn't rose gold the more common back in the 40's & such?
What is mixed in with the gold to give it its rose color?
Copper. It's not so much as what's added as it is in what percentages. To the best of my knowledge all gold used in watches contains gold, silver & copper. White gold adds Palladium or Rhodium as well. Each manufacture is a little unique on percentages I'd imagine, but an example would be the following percentages:

Yellow gold = 75% gold, 16% silver & 9% copper
Rose gold = 75% gold, 9% silver & 16% copper

And a white gold example would be 75% gold, 3% silver12.5% palladium & 9.5% copper

But like I said, those are examples (from Breitling). There's probably dozens of formulas (and I have no idea what Rolex's is). The percentage differences is also what makes some rose golds look very subtle and some look more harsh.
So what's "true" rose gold (is there an industry standard for the rose gold formula?) & what does Rolex add to it to prevent fading? I've got another watch that had rose gold that has been extensively used in pools and I've never seen any fading or change at all. What is it about the Rolex rose gold that makes this difference?

Also, I agree the Rolex rose gold is warmer, but isn't that more from the percentages of the materials used? I ask because I've seem other brands be equally warm & almost the exact shade of rose, and it's been due the the ratio of the gold, silver & copper in the formula.
That's an interesting thought. I could see rose gold (everrose) being used with the black ceramic bezel, but when it comes to the blue dial, yellow gold all the way. Call me old fashioned, but yellow gold and blue is my all time favorite combination, especially on a sub. :biggrin:

Yea, I'd agree here, the rose may not look as nice with the blue as the yellow gold..

But the rose gold & black dial / bezel, I think that would be a real winner.... :drool: :thumbup1:
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