Two tone Submariner in Rose Gold?

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So far, I have seen only yellow gold. Has anyone seen a two tone Submariner in Rose Gold? Maybe they will offer one at Basel. I just like the look of it a little more than yellow gold.
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Hmmm intresting thought. I think this fresh wristshot looks a bit like rose gold on the center links towards the bottom. I am not sure why but it is an SS and 18k Sub.
While it doesn't appear like rose gold to my eyes, I will compliment your very nice two tone Sub--a model which I would love to own. Although I also like the two tone with the Blue face, which has a wonderful blue color, my favorite is the the model with the black dial, like the one you are showing--it looks wonderful. Thanks for the photo.
Another forum participant, SheldonSmith wrote that the "rose" gold Rolex uses is named "Everclear" and has the distinguishing characteristic of being fully resistant to fading by chlorine, which he posted is the reason for it's "warm" color. A very nice tidbit of information from a fellow "forumer" at WatchTalk Forums.
Yes, you are right, the rose gold is called "Everrose" not "Everclear". Everclear is a type of hard liquor, I believe, but I have never tried it so I don't know why I made that error. :lol:
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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