Two tone Submariner in Rose Gold?

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So far, I have seen only yellow gold. Has anyone seen a two tone Submariner in Rose Gold? Maybe they will offer one at Basel. I just like the look of it a little more than yellow gold.
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So what's "true" rose gold (is there an industry standard for the rose gold formula?) & what does Rolex add to it to prevent fading? I've got another watch that had rose gold that has been extensively used in pools and I've never seen any fading or change at all. What is it about the Rolex rose gold that makes this difference?

Also, I agree the Rolex rose gold is warmer, but isn't that more from the percentages of the materials used? I ask because I've seem other brands be equally warm & almost the exact shade of rose, and it's been due the the ratio of the gold, silver & copper in the formula.
Rolex's rose gold is a proprietary blend that they make up themselves (one of the benefits of manufacturing one's own gold). I want to say that they brand it as "Everose", but I might be remembering it wrong.

I think I saw a movie on Rolex's website that explained Rolex lowered the percentage of copper (which is what was reacting with the chlorine to discolor over time) and increased the percentage of the platinum metals added to the blend. I believe the thought is that the platinum metals "hold" the copper tighter than the chlorine wants to "pull" on it. I'm not a materials guy, so I'm just repeating what I believe to be the case. I looked for the movie, but Rolex's website is hard to navigate. Maybe someone else can find it and we can confirm my memory?
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