Two non Accutrons... Oh, the horror!

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Hello all,

Just wanted to show off two mechanical watches also made by that company that brought us the Accutron:001_smile::001_smile:

Watch Pink Font Material property Magenta
Watch Analog watch Clock Rectangle Font
Watch Analog watch Product Clock Watch accessory
Audio equipment Eyewear Gadget Font Cookware and bakeware
Watch Analog watch Clock Watch accessory Material property
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Both have been overhauled and both dials restored.

Watch Brown Analog watch Clock Watch accessory
Watch Analog watch Clock Material property Font
Clock Measuring instrument Circle Publication Personal protective equipment
Watch Analog watch Gold Amber Silver
Watch Analog watch Clock Font Watch accessory
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You are building a very nice collection by choosing carefully.
Actually those are "doubles" from my collection and are currently up for sale on the bay.

The hardest part of this obsesion, er.. hobby, is that you can't keep them all.:wink:
My only 'mechanical' is a 23J sunburst self winding.
I may even get to keep it if I can turn a profit from my recent purchases.
My all time favorite Bulova series! They are actually quite affordable when compared with Accutrons, and most of the line has one or two style details that sets them apart from others of the same vintage. With the possible exception of the pieces Hamilton was putting out in this era, the Bulova 23 line had some of the most imaginative designs available then.

I hope you get to keep yours:biggrin:
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Fabulous Cuad! Both fantastic and classy timepieces. I love the photo backdrops as well. You must be a hardcore Bulova enthusiast.


Thanks Eric, the backdrop of the first set is just some vintage Bulova post cards I've collected over the years. The figure of a movement used in the second set is actually a service manual published by the War Department circa WWII. It covers the servicing of all GI watches including the Bulova 10AK.
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Both are real beauties! Nothing wrong with those fine examples of Bulova mechanical watches. I have several and really like them.
Judging by your posts, it looks like you really do. I do think you and I need to discuss that oval 23 with the blue stripe on the dial.:001_smile: Maybe we can do some horse trading:cool1:
CUAD "The hardest part of this obsesion, er.. hobby, is that you can't keep them all. "

You can't ?? Who says ?? :001_unsure:
Well..., technically you can,... but it's awful hard.:wink:
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