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I have a watch that was given to me as a gift back in 2003. It was purchased by relatives visiting switzerland. It has a red square with a white cross at 12 with the words 'Swiss Military' below. At first I thought it was Wenger. However the Wenger logo has curved corners and slightly rounded sides. This logo has perfectly straight sides and the corners are beveled. Below the words 'Swiss Military' is another logo. This logo is what appears to be an outline of a watch face with a lower case 'n' floating above a lower case 'w'. The bottom points of the 'n' set in the curves of the lower case 'w'. Above the 6 is written 'Swiss Made'. I would just post a picture, but I can't seem to get a clear and focused shot to take with my phone, and I don't have another option. The back plate has the swiss cross logo etched in the center with the 'nw' logo etched above it. It has, what I guess is, a model or serial number etched below it numbers 6-528. I was hoping someone has seen specifically the 'nw' circumscribed in a watch outline logo. If so could you tell if this is any sort of authentic watch, and if so who is the manufacturer. Thanks.
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