Trying out a Winder

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I can't believe I did this, but I picked up a "Lior special super-duper SWI" dual head watch winder this past weekend from tv land. Seemed like a good deal and I had a $50 coupon so I got it for around $80. I've heard that winders are not necessary, but I have a couple of watches such as my Sapphire Ghost and S1 auto that are a real pain to wind.

I thought, what the heck, I'll try it out. Should be here in a week or so I will report back on how I like it. I'm still a little hesitant about buying a winder, but it's eighty bucks... hopefully worth the gamble.:001_unsure:
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I can't speak for that particular brand, but after posting some winding questions last month, I had reserved myself to never owning a winder since I like winding my autos anyway. Well, my wife (who will never openly admit to supporting my watch addiction in any way) surprised me with a multi winder for Valentine's Day, and I really love it. I'll never be able to wind all my autos at the same time, which is fine, but it also gives me a great opportunity to check the accuracy of my watches without having to wear or wind them all every day.
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