True confessions.. . of a Hamilton Forum moderator

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I'll bet you, dear members, are thinking that this thread is going to be JUICY?

Well, forget that! My confession is that I woke up today and I cannot think of a single new thread to post here. While I can always fall back on Hamilton of the Day or Hollywood Hammies, I just don't feel like doing that today.

So, I wonder. . . is this it for the new Hamilton forum? Have we run out of ideas before we hit 2000 posts? Will foghorn and I be on the unemployment line (actually, we don't get paid for this) by the end of the week? Will my new Hamilton Field Khaki auto never arrive (this one I am seriously wondering about)?

Worst case scenario? Will I have to go back to Laloland a defeated moderator?

Oh, woe is me. (Well, not really since MY Giants won the Super Bowl last night, I am on cloud 9).

So I just thought that I would post that I have nothing to post. . . today.:confused1:
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On forums, just as in casual conversation, lulls are normal and even desired.

To get the ball rolling, you and foghorn did a great job of keeping the threads coming, but now that we've established ourselves, there's no need to force the issue.

Think of it as taking a long road trip with a friend. For the first hour or so, there's plenty to talk about, but after that comfort in silence sets in and conversation comes and goes according to the situation.

Relax and enjoy the ride.

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