True confessions.. . of a Hamilton Forum moderator

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I'll bet you, dear members, are thinking that this thread is going to be JUICY?

Well, forget that! My confession is that I woke up today and I cannot think of a single new thread to post here. While I can always fall back on Hamilton of the Day or Hollywood Hammies, I just don't feel like doing that today.

So, I wonder. . . is this it for the new Hamilton forum? Have we run out of ideas before we hit 2000 posts? Will foghorn and I be on the unemployment line (actually, we don't get paid for this) by the end of the week? Will my new Hamilton Field Khaki auto never arrive (this one I am seriously wondering about)?

Worst case scenario? Will I have to go back to Laloland a defeated moderator?

Oh, woe is me. (Well, not really since MY Giants won the Super Bowl last night, I am on cloud 9).

So I just thought that I would post that I have nothing to post. . . today.:confused1:
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Say something bad about Invicta...That will kick start it!
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