Tried the Marinemaster 600 today

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I chanced upon the Seiko MarineMaster 300m this evening while I was at the KLCC. So I tried it on wrist to see if this highly raved watch will be mine. (BTW I was hoping to see the Seiko Sumo for the third was smitten by the blue Sumo recently while in Singapore). The MM is a nice tool watch with good finish. The domed crystal's AR could be better imho. Overall a very serious high grade dive watch but it didnt really speak to me.

There a few other nice JDMs at the same dealer, namely the Prospex Land Monster and the Flightmaster. But in my heart, the Sumo calls out. There's no Sumo I am still's been 4 months since I last purchased a
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Careful in Mongkok.....


I was in HK 2 weeks ago and went up to Mong Kok. There is an arcade there where the ground floor is all watches. I found a stall where the guy had both the Sumo and the 300M. I'd purposely sought this place out to procure myself a 300M. But upon handling both models, I walked away with the Sumo. Why? Well, the Sumo was 1/3 the price and almost as good for my needs. I was looking for a fun all around beater with class. The 300M was functionally much better. My Sumo is maybe 5 sec. a day fast while I'm sure the 300M would be more accurate. Plus, were I more than a casual vacation diver, I would have more greatly appreciated the ratcheting clasp of the 300M. Still, the value of the Sumo won out.

Now, had the 300M had a sapphire crystal or had the shop had the 600M, I'm sure I would have walked away with a different watch.
Fake goods of every kind everywhere :sad: ...Tung Choi Street is a paradise for the savvy shopper:thumbup1:
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I agree...


The fake watches are almost all luxury brands like Rolex, Omega, Panerai, B&R, Breitling, ......I heard of some feikos...they give away themselves at one look. Now regarding the fake watches, they are peddled in some streets that usually triad controlled.

In Malaysia, you will find these fake stuffs during the night streetmarket at Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur. Despite countless raids, they are back the next night. A lot of tourist there A lot of stuff sold on eBay Malaysia are fake too.

But watches at authorized dealers and brand boutiques are safe buys.
For that kind of money the AD's are the way to go:thumbup1:

@bullandvodka do not own any of those two ...just my grails:wink: ...the reason why is the lack of high end Japanese AD's in the US, I have been close to reach out to Seija and Higuchi a couple times but , the lack of a local service center capable to honor warranties etc at the price range has stop me :sad:
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