Traser H3 Classic Automatic Master - some pics

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thanks to JS :001_smile:

more pics are here
short review is here :001_smile:
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I like the idea of a good looking watch that has the practical functionality of the glow-all-night tritium tubes. I think Traser have pulled it off quite well with this watch, even if it sits a bit uncomfortably with those who prefer watches to fall clearly into one camp or another, and not straddle the boundary like this one does (or tries to, depending on your view of it).
I'd wear it :thumbup1:
Let me just add that the 46mm would probably be too big for me, and I don't get the bezel marked as if it was for a second time zone, but it is a unidirectional bezel ring which is a bit strange if a 2nd time zone is it's function (I agree with the reviewer on this).
So although I like the looks of the watch, it probably wouldn't end up on my wrist despite my first post :blushing:
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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