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Inspired by Tony (learningtofly) and his sharp as hell watch blog, Half Past The Hour I decided to invest a bit of time and money into my current collection rather than adding to it. I contacted a photographer who does product/commercial photography for local businesses. She was excited to do the job, as she had never photographed watches before. Two hours+ and a lot of trial and error with different angles, she produced a nice set of photos to document my collection. I will be using her pics from now on in the WURW threads (so stay tuned), but thought I would share some of her other detailed pics showcasing interesting aspects of the watches.

Enjoy and thanks for looking!

The watch box

The professional at work in her "studio"

Seiko Sport 150

Blue cabochon on the Cartier crown

Royal Oak and the gold rotor

Max Bill

Seiko Windward

Alba Bullhead

Rado Sintra in golden ceramic

Radiomir crown
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