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Some more info on these double Swiss dials

In my opinion one of the most significant Swiss GMT 1675's in the model's timeline is the double Swiss 1675.

Let us look at it this way, without an underline on the 2 x Swiss GMT and added Swiss-T<25 we can see Rolex clearly advertised the new lum material.
Now for me the underline makes it further from the being a reluming symbol then ever. As we have seen and proven on Patek's and early non sport's model.
So far I have seen about four double Swiss GMT with this dial variation ranging form 10xxxxx to 11xxxxx serial numbers. White Swiss print, silver Swiss-T< 25, and gold gilt print for the rest of the dial. Three different print colors. Wild!

What makes this dial so significant is the indisputable evidence of the actual years and timeline when the Swiss dials changed over to Swiss-T< 25. Thus by logic Rolex switched from radium to tritium. So in my opinion the underline dial was definitively not a symbol for the radium to tritium lum change over, but for the centering of the dial print.

The missing link GMT below without the underline and displaying the Swiss T<25 in silver and the Swiss print in white without an underline and the rest of the print in gold gilt. Now three different print colors, radial markers, a place to put the Swiss-T<25 nicely under the 6 o'clock marker, and a deliberate placement of the the white Swiss print so one can see it as on any other Swiss dial. Now to me that is a rare dial by any standards. So far, this print layout is not found on any other Rolex dial.
As with the unique Bonhams 3-6-9 the 2 x Swiss GMT, Rolex did advertise the new lum material but by not an underline symbol, more like a specifically clear undeniable symbol such as the Swiss-T<25. An universal signal to all.

Examine the white and sliver Swiss print in the scan below...Very rare combo..

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