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I didn't see an area more appropriate, so I've decided to post here.

For my birthday, my brother gave me a Tissot T-Touch Expert. I dig the watch, but have been having an issue with calibrating the METEO function.

Every other function is properly synchronized and aligned.

I found that page in the manual that deals with synchronization. Unfortunately, there are simply too many pictures and not nearly enough in the way of actual instructions. I can't get my digital portion of the watch to display "SYNCHRO". Absolutely nothing I try is working.

Do I activate the glass and then press the center, and then press the center button for five seconds to get into SYNCHRO mode? Because that's not working. Do I have to page through something to get to the SYNCHRO function? Because I haven't been able to do anything like that, either.

Every other function is aligned fine; it's just the METEO function.

This is frustrating.

This is what I have, and what I'm unable to correct:

Thanks for any and all help!
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