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Hi,im new to watch's but love collecting,A local watchmaker has a tissot seastar, i would like to know what model is it, im intrested in purchasing it, heres my description
.it is manual wind(not auto)
.on the dial its written tissot on and seastar
.the case back has a diagram of a star type shape,
.im confused because it just say seastar on the dial, not seastar 7 or 2 or visodate.i ddnt see the movement yet as i just had a quick look, i dont know if its enough info.but any advice will be appreciated.thanks

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Hello, rolo, and a warm welcome to WTF!!!

Since he's local, why not just ask him?
The guy's a regular human being and will be flattered that you noticed his watch. He can (and would probably love to) tell you all about it, along with the best places to look for one. Just use a little common sense and try not to do this during times of high customer volume. My watch guy loves to talk watches when the shop's not busy!
He might even be able to help you find one. And in the process, you might just find your #1 go-to watch repairman.
It's how I found mine!
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