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Eco drive, accutron, other rarities
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Here’s my 60s tuning fork watch from China.
It is a copy of the Bulova Accutron 214, with a twist : it has a side (3) setting crown like a « normal » watch, as opposed to the watch case back crown on the Accutron 214 (because Bulova considered the Accutron so accurate that adjusting the time was not needed).
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From my research, most of the watches from that manufacture share the same case, the same hands (with variants on the sweep seconds hand), and the same dial (apart from the markings and the color in the logo).
The caseback can be plain or wear a logo.
And that’s it.

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This is the « fun » case back.
The movement can not hide the fact that it’s a 214 copy. The layout is the same, the gear train is similar, the frequency is the same, the electronics look different because the components have different casings but are the same as in the early 214 three wires coulsone transistor one resistor and two caps.
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This is the watch with no dial. It shows the keyless work on the right, the tuning fork and coils. The components are on the other side of the plastic part which is a pity for a « spaceview ». But the keyless work is a fun feature that can’t be observed on spaceviewed 218s for instance.

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Back side, coils assembly and tuning fork removed. Note the battery strap, since there’s no battery hatch on this watch. Again, compared to the 214.

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The tuning fork and coils assembly. The tuning fork is pretty rough compared to the Bulova.

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the components side. They don’t look familiar !

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apart from the keyless work it looks like the 214 pillar plate.

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without the train bridge. The layout looks the same as the 214’s butit’s different : the third wheel is the top one in a 214. See pic below.
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