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Hey everybody,

Im a student making an exchange in Bologna, Italy, for 6 months and since the prices on watches seem pretty good here, Ive decided to buy my first "real" watch, prob. a used Omega Speedmaster 3572.50 or 3573.50. I managed to found one in a store that sells/repairs watches, the owner who has had the store for almost 30 years had one himself that he got recently and were prepared to sell. He showed me the watch and told me it was an 3573.50, not more than a couple of years old, and that he wanted 2300 euros for it. He told me that he had the box, but not the warrenty since the previous owner had "lost it" during a divorce from his wife, or something like that. It should be added that the watch is in 99.5% condition visually. Well, over to the questions...

First, how can I verify that the watch is genuine, the model, its age etc? The bracelet lock lacked the two buttons that u use push to open the bracelet. Ive seen on almost every object on the internet having these.. is this something that can be suspicious? He assured me that all parts of the watch are genuine.

Second, is the price reasonable? If so, is it well invested 2300 euros?

Third, since I want to use the watch on daily basis and that the watch is mechanical, how "annoying" is it to turn it every day?

I want to add that I really love the history behind the omega speedmaster watches and the mystic that surrounds it, thats my main reason for buying this watch.

I am a true beginner, so all help possible is very much appreciated

Regards, Mikael
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