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I had been eyeing this one for quite awhile and finally went ahead and got it.

Seiko Alpinist SARB017

Japan only model delivered on a Sunday only 4 days from ordering

38mm w/out crown,sapphire (not sapphlex) crystal,water resistant to 200m,screw down crown,inner rotating compass bezel and powered by the Seiko in house 6R15 automatic movement

I really like the vintage/sport lookof this waych.
The green dial coupled with gold numerals and indices, on a brown leather strap are a great looking combo.

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Very nice pickup Foggy. BTW, I know it is a touchy subject here, but did you source the piece from "H" or "K"? PM, me with your thoughts on them.

What's up with "H" or "K" ? I've obviously missed a nice touchy subject. Is it like saying Ebay or Watchuseek? What's the story?
PM me if it's too juicy for this thread.
I meant to ask as well - what's with the compass dial? I have seen this function on some other watches, and I can't see how it actually works. Do you use the sun to orientate it? But then how does the watch keep a reference to that point as you move around?
Regardless of functionality, it is a fantastic looking watch - the green & gold go well together (just ask any Aussie, it's their national colours :) )
Just two very fine gentlemen living in Japan: :laugh:

H = Higuchi

K = Katsu
Thanks Much, KW. I guess info will be forthcoming if I watch enough posts (or just keep asking)

Everyone should also note that, although it's a very slow start, our Sponsor Discount Watch Store
is just beginning to get hold of a few of these Orient Star "Japan Domestic" models. :thumbup1:
Thanks everyone - a day without learning is a day wasted. :)
1 - 4 of 24 Posts
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