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I had been eyeing this one for quite awhile and finally went ahead and got it.

Seiko Alpinist SARB017

Japan only model delivered on a Sunday only 4 days from ordering

38mm w/out crown,sapphire (not sapphlex) crystal,water resistant to 200m,screw down crown,inner rotating compass bezel and powered by the Seiko in house 6R15 automatic movement

I really like the vintage/sport lookof this waych.
The green dial coupled with gold numerals and indices, on a brown leather strap are a great looking combo.

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Very nice pickup Foggy. I realy like the look of the mechanical alpinist, but I LOVE the look of it's quartz "twin". I don't know why Seiko went the direction they did on those. Seems backwards to me, but perhaps they felt mechanical buyers wanted a softer look?

Still, I'd take the mechanical anyday since quartz doesn't interest me. Let us all know how it goes. BTW, I know it is a touchy subject here, but did you source the piece from "H" or "K"? PM, me with your thoughts on them.

Thanks Much, KW. I guess info will be forthcoming if I watch enough posts (or just keep asking)

Not much to this mystery :wink:. Just Google either "higuchi" or "seiya" along with the world "watch". Both of these individuals provide the essential service of sourcing japanese watches for the rest of the world. Both are also purportedly highly reliable and have sterling reputations :thumbup:.

Unfortunately, both are NOT WTF sponsors, so no direct linking. Maybe when I get my new goody from one of them, I'll ask them why they aren't. Possibly, they prefer to be under the radar? If so I'll shut up now so I don't out them any more.
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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