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Hey guys !

I bought this Elgin Trench Watch for one reason, it had a very odd Swivel Lug configuration that I have not seen before.

Several of us on this forum are swivel lug super freaks and we simply can't lay off of them !

Very few American case manufacturers made cases that had swivel lugs during the Great War, but we can now add one more to that very short list.

This is one of those "NO-NAME" solid nickel cases that does not have a maker's mark on the inside of the case back.

But, through countless hours of research about a year ago I concluded that Wadsworth was in fact the manufacturer of these "NO-NAME" cases.

This is the ONLY one of it's kind that I've found as these cases have ALWAYS had fixed lugs, that is until now.

This watch is 100% original.

It still has the original date stamped metal dial that has factory drilled lum dots at the hour markers.

This dial has NOT been re-finished, original condition, metal dials usually do not age this well.

This dial was made on July 6, 1917.

The hands were manufactured in 1917 as well, the tell tale sign is the hour hand that has a round lum reservoir.

In 1918 Elgin changed the hour hand design so the lum reservoir had a rectangular shape.

Original factory crown on the case too boot !

This trench watch has what's called a "gilted" movement, golden in color, not nickel plated.

The movement serial number (19824761) dates back to 1917 as well, grade 442, size 3/0s, 7 jewels.

The case measures 44mm lug to lug, 31mm without the factory crown with a 10mm lug diameter.

New mainspring, new glass crystal, polished case, new black Bund Strap.

Take a look at the inside of this case, right in the center where the lug is attached, these are factory original swivel lugs, nothing has been altered.

And now for the WRIST SHOT ! ! ! !


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I recently picked up this trench watch with swivel lugs. It is marked Jaquier e Hijo Buenos Aires and is cased in a .900 silver case. It may have a Longines movement-not sure yet-need to have it checked out. It is a pin set with a cool dial
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