They Daytona for the Style Man/Modern Man

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The Daytona for the Style Man/Modern Man

The Daytona was featured on the Today's show. Thought it was cool that they picked out that watch when talking about men's style.
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Firstly, let me welcome you to WTF and the Rolex Forum!

Secondly, thanks for the awesome link!!! I've been wearing my Daytona with a suit for YEARS and had to laugh that it is now considered very "chic" or in style. :laugh:

Thanks again!

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Hey John...that's a great picture. I know traditionalists frown on wearing sports models with suits...but the white face with the blue suit looks fantastic. I love wearing my GMT-II and Sea-Dweller with my suits, and my wife, who is very frank and tells me honestly whether something looks good together or not, really likes the look. Now, all I need to do is talk her into letting me get a BMW so that I can take a picture like you did!!!! :lol:
I agree 110% The Daytona looks great with a white dress shirt. :001_wub:

I've been known to wear my SD with a suit too...though less often than my TT Sub, Yachty, and Daytona.
:scared: :scared: :scared: :scared:

I hope that's a WET suit!!!! :wink: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Oh well.. I don't think I'd ever call John a traditionalist anyways... :wink: :lol: :lol: :001_tt2: :001_tt2: :001_tt2:

But then I can't talk either.. I'll wear my Yacht-Master with a tux... :scared: :blink: :blink:
That's because you're such a strapping big bloke a YM looks like a dress watch on your manly wrist. :lol::laugh:
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