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Well she's NOS as you can see, still has the hang tag and the caseback decal.
The lume is okay but were talking 25 yr old lume, the marker cups are good sized as you know, basically just like the modern SKX dials markers with a good amount of lume applied, but she only last with a good glow for a half hour, then the lights get turned down for a couple hours then fades away to a light glow. The lume ages and looses its brightness over time and this watch dates to (May 1987) with the 1st battery calendar date punch for 1990, serial number first two digits being 75.

Thanks & glad you like the watch!

I wouldn't have recognized this one as a 7c43. Very nice, Poseidon.

You're pulling some rabbits out of the hat lately! :001_smile:
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