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Since 1735, there has never been a quartz Blancpain watch. And there never will be

When watchmaking spread to the Swiss Jura at the beginning of the 18th century, it soon overshadowed all other cottage industries. With their manual dexterity and an independent spirit forged by centuries of isolation and self-reliance, the local farmers rapidly acquired the necessary skills. As the year passed, their genius and artistry blossomed.

While Blancpain has continued to cultivate the time-honoured methods of watchmaking, they have also acquired a new vision of time and achieved a perfect balance between elegance and function. This has earned Blancpain its dominant position in the luxury mechanical watch segment.

During the 400 years of Blancpain history, the master watchmakers created six different masterpieces in 1988 (the ultra-slim movement, the moon phase calendar, the perpetual calendar, the split-seconds chronograph, the Tourbillon and the minute repeater), each requiring exceptional knowledge and total self-mastery.

Le Brassus Collection
Situated in the Vallee de Joux , the heart of the finest traditional Swiss watchmaking, the locality of Le Brassus is today the source of Blancpain's most elaborate designs, in the spirit of the fabled 1735.

Embodying the heart and soul of Blancpain's six masterpieces of watchmaker's art and named for the year of its foundation, the 1735 watch provides an eloquent demonstration of its maker's corporate philosophy. It remains the most elaborate example of everything feasible in wrist-worn micro technology: self-winding and ultraslim movement with moon phase, perpetual calendar, split-second chronograph, tourbillon regulator, minute repeater and all sharing one and the same watch case.

Benefiting from the experience and expertise acquired in the design and construction of the 1735 and designed in salute to the world's most complex wristwatch, Le Brassus collection models share its unique spirit. All are fashioned in rare and exclusive metals and materials and feature one or more complex auxiliary mechanisms. Each Le Brassus compose a unique set of highly intricate timepieces featuring the most ingenious developments of traditional horology. Metriculoursly hand-crafted, lovingly assembled – this symphony of exceptional movements it naturally cased in the most precious of metals.

Léman Collection
Western Europe's largest lake, the Léman is visible from Blancpain's new premises. Often compared to an inland sea, its sparkling expanse is somehow suggestive of travel, of distant horizons.

Léman collection brings a sense of contemporary excellence to every area from work to travel to sports, an inspired encounter between horology at its finest and everyday practical qualities. Valued by frequent flyers, some models easily keep track of the time of day in all the world's time zones, others effortlessly withstand the oceans' murkiest depths, still others provide pilots and navigators with the practical precision of an instant flyback chronograph.

A new approach to the expression of time and a perfect balance of functional and aesthetic constraints in the realm of traditional watchmaking have proved the keys to Blancpain's mastery of upscale mechanical horology as the undisputed reference of the art of time. Sophisticated technology, operational dependability and comfort on the wrist all come together in the Léman collection, at the apex of perfect timekeeping and uncompromising excellence.

B2125 5230M 53B
Léman Tourbillon

Villeret Collection
The “Villeret” Collection, which bears the name of Blancpain's birthplace , naturally typifies its roots, its initial, basic design options. It is based on innovation design that boldly calls into question various aesthetic references, i.e. features hitherto considered hard and fast rules of watch design. The length of watch hands, the size of Roman numerals, the width of a bezel, the shape and volume of horns – here, harmony meets elegance as never before. By their very size and pure lines, trim dial faces and sleekly styled case profiles compose studies in simplicity and refinement. Time at its most essential expressed with enduring elegance. Villeret collection watches discreetly recall the pocket watches whose generous proportions inspired them.

In their own classic way, Villeret designs display pure yet sophisticated lines, simple enough but with their character present in every detail. Embodying basic horological qualities, all fitted with an opaline silvered or electric blue dial and blade-type watch hands, they can be expected to appeal to aficionados of classic watching at its finest.
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