The Triple Black Reserve Collection Speedway: Midnight Cheese

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I'm professional actor who is presently in 'A Christmas Carol' at Ford's theatre in Washington D.C.. I also happen to be the lucky owner of a triple black "Midnight" Reserve Speedway Chronograph. I received this wonderful device only a few days ago and it has accompanied me from rehearsals at the Shakespeare Theatre, all the way to The White House to meet the President of the United States:

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Hi elliot and welcome to the Original Invicta Forum. That is some nice watch!

I am hoping the Ghost of Christmas Future (actually Hanukkah Future) will bring one like that to me.:biggrin: Enjoy and break a leg!
Very impressive :thumbup1: Congrats and enjoy it... And welcome to the forum :thumbup:

By the way, those lume dots on the bezel look mighty dirty or is that only in the pictures?
Hi Elliot -

You have a very nice watch; I like it!

We must be neighbors 'cause I recognize today's snowfall in your pics... it's still coming down here near Quantico.

Hi Elliot beautiful watch the black on black looks great.I have a gunmetal version and love it.The weight and fit and feel of the Reserve Speedway is awesome.

Wear it well and welcome to the forum,
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I still have Potomac Fever!

Hello and welcome to the forum!:001_smile:

That is a wonderful piece and thanks for the great pictures!
Used to live inside the beltway in Arlington. Still have the fever!
Hail to the Redskins:thumbup:
Although they are really blowing every opportunity that is available to them!:cursing:
Congrats Elliot on an exceptional timepiece!!!:thumbup: I have the same one!:D

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