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"Ultimate Rolex Daytona book" was written for fun reading and an overview of the Rolex Daytona models and was never intended as a 100% fact based book. The problem with any objective unauthorized book not by the original manufacturing firm is that speculation often is used as interesting reading.

I found the book to be very well done and a joy to read and admire all the incredibly well photographed watches.

So I believe that one has to read any causal reading material as such.

The dial firm Singer, was one of the dial manufactures for Rolex and other well known brands. Here is where the inconsistencies occur.
The fact is no concrete proof has been substantiated that these so called prototype dials were ever made by the dial manufacturing firm Singer for Rolex.

Unfortunately, I fear that now these dials with no real provenance have been put into authentic Rolex cases and marketed as original prototypes. This is terrible for the vintage collecting world in my opinion. Commercial interest has taken an innocent well produced fun to read publication and turned it as some forum of provenance or fact finding tool.

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