The Omega symbol in a car

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The first time I noticed a named watch or jewelery company putting its' name onto a clock in a car was I think back in the 70s when if I recall correctly, Cartier was on the clocks of the Lincoln Continental. I know currently the BBB is on the dashboard of a Bentley. What car do you think the symbol of Omega should be carried in pals?

Given Omega's more subtle quality approach, you'd need a car of true quality and presence that wasn't loud and flashy. It need not be in the entire range of the cars by a given manufacturer of course.

This should be fun.

So whatcha think pals?

Y'all have a nice day now :001_smile:

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I kind of think I can see it in a Merc. Very classy, well built, prestigeous and not priced too high as say a Bently, Porsche or Ferrari. Not to mention these later brands are also much more flashy and also not as practical as the Merc, just like Omega. :)
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