The Omega symbol in a car

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The first time I noticed a named watch or jewelery company putting its' name onto a clock in a car was I think back in the 70s when if I recall correctly, Cartier was on the clocks of the Lincoln Continental. I know currently the BBB is on the dashboard of a Bentley. What car do you think the symbol of Omega should be carried in pals?

Given Omega's more subtle quality approach, you'd need a car of true quality and presence that wasn't loud and flashy. It need not be in the entire range of the cars by a given manufacturer of course.

This should be fun.

So whatcha think pals?

Y'all have a nice day now :001_smile:

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How about NASA's EVA buggy's.

An Omega clock would be the only one to pass the rigourous tests required.:biggrin:

Seriously though, I had the immense pleasure of looking closely at the new Jaguar XF the other day. It is a thing of immense beauty yet is incredibly practical and well built. The attention to detail is phenomenal. Yet the thing that surprised me most is the realistic price tag. Many things that are reflected in an Omega watch.

I think an analogue Omega clock would have fitted in quite nicely in the dash of the XF. Say something with the classic DeVille numbers and Broad Arrow hands.
I think Mercedes are in bed with Tag Heuer, Johnno.

You're right though. They would have been better off with Omega.

Of course that just my opinion. I'm sure Tag Heuer pay people to look at the demographic of people who buy nice watches and Mercedes.
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