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:) please post you're Omega Pictures here,

Please keep this a picture gallery only,
comments can be made by starting or
contributing to a thread in the Omega Forum:thumbup1:

let's see those beautiful Omegas:)


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two of my favorites

Sorry for the bad pics...I'm not really big on photography...but here are my two current favorites..

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Beginning at the top the list in my signature:

(Left to Right)
2006 2255.80 Seamaster 300M
2007 2254.50 Seamaster 300M
2005 2538.20 Seamaster GMT:

1996 3572.50 Speedmaster Professional (PW1):

1982 145.022 Speedmaster Professional (PW2):

1972 198.0032 DeVille 300hz:

1966 CD 166.010 Seamaster:

1965 105.012 Speedmaster Professional:

1963 168.005 Constellation:

1950 OT 2617 cal. 332 "bumper" automatic:

1930 15 jewel manual wind (as yet unidentified):

Fr. John+

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My 5 year old 2055.80.00, still going strong but about due for a service. Lately it's been taking a back seat to my new Rolex GMT Master IIc, but I still love it and am now shopping another Omega SMP or a Speedy. I really love Omegas and they are every bit the timepieces Rollie's are, IMO. Very well made, comfortable, highly legible and with great bracelets, not to mention a phenomenal value.

This was my first mechanical since I was a kid.


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My first Omega

Here are a few pics of my brand new PO. This is my first Chronometer, I absolutely love this watch. I've only had it for two days now, and cannot stop looking at it. I have already started to save up for my next one, a Speedy Pro, love the history behind it and also the manual wind of the Speedy.

As for the PO, I love the classic look. I've read and agree how the PO looks like a much older design. Will also wait about a month or so before I test it's accuracy.

Sorry for the quality as these pics were taken with my cell. The digital is in the shop right now.


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