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Alrighty folks! I haven't posted many things as of late, but I want to try and change that!

Now before we start with the watch, I believe it's story time. :laugh:

This Wednesday, I was working at a local auction house as a runner, there were a few watches and clocks (which I got for a song :lol: ) that i was interested in.

Around 9PM, the auction was on it's last legs, almost everyone was paid up and leaving and at this point, they were selling stuff by the box to try and get rid of it.

I was poking around the back table, when I stumbled across a box with a broken plate, a single gun grip, a Timex and this poor, sad, pathetic little Lord Elgin.

The thing is the nastiest little watch I've seen, there's no crystal, the gold fill is meh, the dial is crud and it's missing the second hand. I picked it up and wound it, expecting to hear nothing.

But alas! The heart inside this homeless watch began to beat, I was shocked!

"$3 for this box!"

"Going once, twice - sold! To bidder number 112!"

So I got the ugly-as-sin monster that no one wanted.

Today, I finally got around to opening it up, and'll see :wink:

Now I know what you're thinking:
"God, that movement must be demolished! It has to be caked in gunk and nearly rusted together. There's absolutely no way it's in decent shape!"

Well, for all of you out there, prepare to lose your socks! :wink:

I was SHOCKED out clean the movement it! I mean, look at it! It's clean! It's shiney! I can see myself in the gears! It's smooth and crisp to wind!

It's like finding the engine of a Porsche in the rusted body of a Dodge intrepid :laugh:

You can see all the info you need on the movement, and of course, if anyone has some more info on the movement itself, the date it was used, etc, it would be appreciated!

Also, if anyone thinks they could use the movement, shoot me a PM!
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Believe it or not... I have seen MUCH worse!
I am sure there are better dials out there and it should clean up
fairly nicely... give it a shot, I say:biggrin:

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That model is one that goes for a good chunk of change whenever it appears on Ebay - like North of $40 routinely, often more in good condition. Too bad the case and dial are so worn out. Looks like it was rode hard and put up wet too many times.

The 750 was one of the first 2 Durabalance models released, along with the 730. In addition to the Durabalance in place of a conventional balance and regulator, they reworked and simplified the sweep second drive.

If you look at a 647, there's a single sweep wheel frictioned onto an extended third wheel post, and a friction spring that acts on the sweep second pinion, so it's always pushing against drag. This keeps it from skipping.

With the 685, and later in the 630, 716, and 724, Elgin went with a double sweep wheel, where one wheel is frictioned tight onto the hub, but the other is free to move, constrained only by a spring. You put the loose wheel under tension before installing the sweep pinion, and the combination keeps the pinion from skipping. It's a complicated system, and about half the 630s and 724s I've seen have had the sweep feature disabled by removing the wheels or the pinion.

With the 750, Elgin went back to a single sweep wheel, and used a spring to both hold the pinion in place and provide the necessary drag to prevent skipping. It's less elegant looking than either the 647's mini bridge, or the much larger sweep bridge on the 630/716/724, but it works, and it's really simple. It's shown here on a 752


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This is a perfect example of a diamond in the rough!

Let's really think about this one...

A clean movement (great)
Rough case (can be polished)
Dial (can find a replacement)
Crown (can be had cheap)
Decent hands

This is why I have always stressed the importance
of finding a good solid watchmaker, of doing
it yourself.

If you can find a cool example very cheap and bring it back to life
for a decent price, than you have a winner!
So many folks would never even consider a watch like this.

It is not what is it now... it is what it has the POTENTIAL to be:thumbup:

Great grab!
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