Which one is your favorite?

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The Milgauss and the funny second hand --------->

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Which one would you prefere?



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I think the lightning bolt is silly, but not having it would probably affect it's resale value so you kind of "have" to get it?!?!
I am usually not a fan of orange on watches, and not a fan of the Shazam! second hand, so I voted option #3, the cleanest look of them all IMHO.
V1 with a black dial (not GV) is almost certainly my first Rolex for '08.
Given that the best Milgauss (model 6541) had the lightning-bolt second hand i kind of feel that the new one HAS to have it imho.
Probably a good thing that they didn't do the honeycomb dial though!
Lightening bolt all the way.
I like the way Rolex have infused a bit of history into this model. The early models back in the mid 1950's had the lightening bolt second hand for a few years.
I'm sure it will be a big seller. I'd love to get one some day.
definitely v1 even tho I'm not normally an orange person. I think it sets it apart from the date, datejust, airking etc. Really like the milgauss, but would have to be the black dial for me and I'm not sure I could live without a date function!
I feel about this watch design the way I feel about anything that is supposed to be more rugged than most things like it.

Why do those things have to be yellow or yellow and black?

Why can't they just be tough, but look normal?

Why can't the Milgauss just look like another Rolex?

Why should people who require special protection from magnetic fields have to have a watch that screams, "I'm different."

Why can't they just wear a quartz watch to work?

Okay, that last question was unfair.
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Does anyone have a pic of the original Milgauss?
I like the bolt-like hand. Adds a bit of flare in the watch.
Can't say I'm a fan of the Milgaus but I went with V1.
V1 for me, but would have to be the black face and green saphire crystal
Well, I like v2 the best, but like others said, I think you need to have the bold on it, so I'll vote V1...

But if I was getting one, I'd go with the black dial one Hannes posted.... :thumbup1:
V1 The lightning bolt is cool and retro......
Thanks for voting, guys.

Here is the comparison to the German RLX Forum:

Are the Germans more conservativ than you are? :blink:
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The Lightning Bolt second hand distinguishes the Milgauss...I vote No1. :thumbup:
I also went with the V1
Really like the black face and would LOVE to have the original.
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