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This is the place to research and show off you goodies for others
to admire... A library of Info and Photos!

Hamilton Watch Forum member and vintage Hamilton collector Tom Diss (Vintagehamiltons) has been generous enough to share pictures and descriptions of his collection with us. A list of these watches follows. Click on any link to be taken to the thread.

Here are the Master HAMILTON LINKS:

64028-4 Barrel Plain Barrel Engraved Boone Bowman Brooke Cabot Cambridge Carlisle Clark Coleman Converta II Cushion B Cushion Engraved Cushion Form Cushion WWII Custer Dixon Dodson Douglas Drake Endicott Ellsworth Gent's Wrist Watch Gladstone Grant Greenwich Hastings Heyward Judson K-454 Lincrest Lyndon Mason Medford Merritt Meteor Morley Mt. Vernon Oval Perry Rodney Ross Russell Rutledge Scott Sea-lectric II Sentinel Sherwood (Seneca) Sherwood N Sidney Square B Square Engraved Steeldon Stormking IV Sutton Talbot T-403 Taylor Thincraft II Thor Tonneau Transcontinental A Vancott Watson Webster Winthrop Yorktowne

Tom's experiences in the collecting field can be viewed here.

In addition, Will Roseman wrote an excellent series of articles on Hamilton watches. The articles are archived here.





Photo Tutorial:


Case Markings site:


Favorite Watch Books/References:


Military Codes (Casebacks):

OA for 7- to 9-jewel pocket watches.
OB for 15- to 17-jewel pocket watches.
OC for 7- to 9-jewel wrist watches. (non-waterproof case)
OD for 15-to 17-jewel wrist watches. (non-waterproof case)
OE for 21-jewel railroad grade pocket watches.
OF for 15- to 17-jewel wrist watches (waterproof case).
OFA for 15- to 16-jewel wrist watch, waterproof case, Air Corps (Navigation, Type A-11, substitute standard).
OG for 7- to 9-jewel wrist watch (waterproof case).
OS for stop watch.

For watches manufactured prior to 12 November 1940, there were no letter codes.
The following identification was added when the watch was returned for repair.

OW for 7- to 9-jewel pocket watches.
OX for 15- to 17-jewel pocket watches.
OY for 7-to 9-jewel wrist watches. (non-waterproof case)
OZ for 15- to 17-jewel wrist watches. (non-waterproof case)

Stan's Incredible Military Ads Find:



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Wow, fantastic job compiling all of those beautiful Hamiltons of Tom's Two21!:thumbup1:

Great pictures to.

If I had my choice, I would take either the Sea Lectric II or the Thor. I love the Thor! I really love the Hamilton asymetricals.:tongue_smilie:

So which one of Tom's Hamiltons do you guys want?:D

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Hey Hamilton guys...
I have had this little guy for years and can't seem
to find out what it is...
It is 14 solid gold with diamonds on the face...

Any ideas!

Thanks for the help!
At a W I L D guess I would say it is one of the Lord Lancaster series; c 1966.

I don't have Rene's book (so don't have a ref for all models), but refer p844 Shugart et al 2009; note overall similarities to Lord Lancaster 'B' and 'H' - and facial similarity to the 'H' in particular.


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July Incoming - belated...

I got a bunch of Elgins in July - some back from my 'guys', some scooped up on the Swamp.

First up is an oldie but a goodie - this Elgin 761, back from the spa. New crystal, but sadly it's got stress cracks, so I'll have to replace it.

Also back from the spa, this Lord Elgin Meridian, a Horizon Look watch with the 724 movement. This is one that Elgin seems to mave made for about a year, likely because the sweep second hand drive has a flaw that leads to jerky motion. When I got it, it was missing its sweep second pinion. I found a 630 movement with the pinion, but no sweep second wheel, and my watchmaker put the bits together. And the motion is jerky. Oh, well.

Another newly serviced watch is this 1938 Lord Elgin. It's an incorrect redial (should be a star, and not 'dp'), but it's so elegant I just love it!

It's got the 538 21j movement, the first of the 15/0 21j movements.

While we're on 15/0s, I also picked up this Lord Elgin from 1944. Needs a new crystal and a 14mm strap when I get to it...

That one came with an Elgin Sinclair, with an 8/0 683 movement. It needs its faceted crystal to be more correct.

Another newly serviced, if mundane little watch, this Lord Elgin with a 750. I had it redialed, because the original dial had big pieces of flaking clearcoat that actually stopped the hands. Not perfectly done, but okay. The watch itself is a little thing, only about an inch in diameter.

I also picked up a Lord Elgin 'Glencove', with a Swiss Elgin 664 movement, on a whim. Runs like a top, and it's a nice size.

Here's another Swamp pickup - a square Elgin with a 732. The movement needs cleaning but it otherwise good. Dial could use TLC...

And another Swamp pickup - this one fills a niche in my collection - the 715 13/0 17j Shockmaster movement. It's going to need some work - there was a lot of congealed oil all over the movement and inside the case - even on the inside of the crystal!

Now I have 711-715, 718 and a 724. The remaining ones are the 716 (only seen one, ever) and the 717, 719, 721 - those are the Direct Reads. I'm not really keen on them and they're expensive, so I will do without them pending winning the lottery!

Another 'niche filler' is this Elgin with a 676 19j Shockmaster 15/0 movement. According to the Elgin database, only 1000 of these were made.

I saw another one last week but close inspection of the pictures revealed that the balance cock was standard (not a Shockmaster), so that one was bastardized. Not mine, though! No, mine just needs cleaning, a redial, a balance staff, and some way to attach the caseback (see this thread)

And last, the one I'm most proud of. Earlier this year, you may recall, I posted a thread on taking down an Elgin 761 automatic that was in such good condition that I went ahead and put it back together, just to see if I could. Well I did, and it worked! When my 'guy' sent back the completed 761 at the top, he also returned all the parts movements and watches I'd sent him. One of them had a nice case and dial, so I swapped in the newly fixed (BY ME!!) movement, and here it is - a working watch!!!

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