The Eagle Has Landed!!!

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This little beauty showed up on my doorstep at 10:15 this morning. Bless my wife's little heart, but she jumped in her van and drove it down to my office for me so I wouldn't have to wait until I got home:

These are just some quick shots I took when I got home. I'll take some more time this weekend to take some good porn shots of it, but I wanted to get these up.

As for the watch itself, all I can say is this piece is amazing. Comfortable to wear; not too heavy, but certainly hefty enough to let you know it's there. It's an amazingly fine piece of workmanship, and I'm both happy and proud to be a member of the club!
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Welcome to the Omega Club!!

You will, no doubt, enjoy that great timepiece for years to come.

It doesn't get much better than that!!
Thanks for the welcome!

Man, if I were any happier, I'd have to be twins...
you're a member:thumbup:

BTW, Steve don't forget we have an Omega Photo Contest just starting..:thumbup1:
I'll remember that...

Your missus has a big heart :thumbup:
She really does.

She knows I work hard. I'm in sales, and a large portion of my salary is based on what I sell. Consequently, I'm on the road roughly 15 weeks a year. When I'm home, I'm doing 60 hours a week in the office. It paid off last year, as I hit a salary milestone I'd set the year before.

She once jokingly asked if I had a girlfriend. I told her that if I did have a girlfriend, rest assured, it would be a girlfriend with superlative time-management skills.

I was planning on spending about a grand on a new watch. When she saw me looking at the Seamaster, she simply asked "Well, why don't you get that one instead? You like it, right?", and continued on with what she was doing.

All I could really say was "Huh? Um, okay."

The fact that she drove it down to my office when it arrived at the house was just icing on the cake...
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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