The discussed Daytona's red dials

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Dear readers,
we have a very interesting news for you about the Daytona Paul Newman red dials.
This topic created many discussions and doubts between collectors, dealers and in the specialized forums.
Somebody says that these dials are fake, somebody that they are original and they spend a fortune to have this type of watch with the red dial.
Osvaldo Patrizzi spoke to Singer & Cie SA, the company that produced the dials for Rolex in the past, and now we know the truth about this famous red dial.

This letter explains that Singer made an expertise of the* red/black Rolex Paul Newman dial of the ref. 6263 series No. 6625090 and the managing director affirms that this dial is original and was produced by Singer Ateliers in the Sixties.
Here you have the text in French written by the managing director of Singer & Cie SA.
We remind you that the original letter written by Singer will be published in the book Rolex Daytona Story, coming out in 2012 and already available for reservations.
Rolex Daytona Story will not be just the world’s biggest book on Rolex watches (together with “Rolex Submariner Story” and “Collecting Rolex Milgauss, Turn-O-Graph, Yacht-Master, Explorer”) but also the most important edition ever done on Rolex.
All Rolex Daytona references will be presented with the dates of the beginning and end of production as well
as specifying all their main features: push-buttons, crown, bezel, dial, crystal, bracelets, graphic details of logos, writing and hallmarks.
Updated prices of all Daytonas are enclosed.

Text of the letter written by Singer:
nous avez présenté ce jour un cadran ROLEX Paul Newman rouge/noir en
excellent état provenant de la montre référence 6263 no de série
Nous vous confirmons que ce cadran est bien un original sorti de nos ateliers dans les années 60.
Veuillez agréer, Messieurs, nos salutations distinguées.
Jean SINGER & Cie SA


Dear Sir,
You presented us a Rolex Daytona Paul Newman dial rouge/noir in excellent condition, form the reference 6263 series number 6625090.
We confirm you that this dial is original, made in Singer ateiler in th Sixties.
Best regards
Jean SINGER & Cie SA
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What can we really extract from this so called memo?

In memo, SINGER did not comment specifically on the print style..And how can Singer not unlike Rolex writting on their service write up under the dial description that the PN dial was an exotic dial form that corresponding era. As we all know, a lot of fake and redone PN dials got past Rolex service..

It is hard for me to believe that SINGER is a vintage dial print authorizing firm as no more as Rolex was. Singer can prove the dial plate was real, but can they unequivocally show evidence that the print is original to the dial plate? That memo is short and sweet for a reason. If Singer was a vintage dial print authorizing firm, we would have a hell of a long explanation with tons of hand painted renderings and printing plates and other hard to disprove facts..But 35 years ago..why would Singer as with many other watch supplier firms get into the vintage parts game as authenticators?

I bet all the PN related tools and support equipment for dial printing form the 1960's and 1970's is long gone in the dumpster of old.

"We confirm you that this dial is original, made in Singer atelier in the Sixties. "
Ok so the dial or in this case dial plate is original. But what other evidence has been written about the dial print?

Same case as with Rolex, Singer is a part's verification firm firm at best...Not a vintage dial print authenticator.

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Like it's "Texas dial brother"..the So called red PN lacks..

many of the key features that a real PN dial my opinion..

I am sure the Red dialed PN has a place amoung collectors, as the Texas dial has..but for me it is like having the correct car chassis with a reproduction body ..very close in looks but just not as good as the original one. But still, it would have some customers wanting that an adjusted price of course.
Kind of a replica or clone 427 Cobra or Ferrari..


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