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Among the Rolex vintage circle a debate has been in question on the authenticity of the GMT 1675 all red in color 24 hour hand. A Japanese brochure does show a 1675 with an all red 24 hand in a picture. But no other Rolex brochures or catalogs have surfaced, but this one. But Rolex has printed ads and catalogs with one of a kind images that never made it in production.

I believe so far these hands are an after market product. It is possible that a real 24 hour hand had been repainted in an all red and relumed to the color shade desired. So far no GMT all red hand has turned up to meet factory specs in my opinion. I hope one day we will find an authentic Rolex produced all 24 hour hand. But for now, many shortcomings are evident with the all red hands presented. It seems that every all red-handed 1675 I have seen had very definitely yellowish lume, why is that? Other non all red 1675 24 hands come in many color shades. :001_unsure:

Being a watchmaker and I have serviced countless GMT's over the years for dealers as well as for other collectors.

I have come across theses all red 24 hour hands and analyzed them closely. So far I have yet not found any all red hands produced by the factory.

Many signs of aftermarket painted hand traces are red paint bleeding onto the triangle head lum and uneven paint globing on the sides of the hand.

The luminous material is also a tell sign of an aftermarket painted hand. So far on the all red painted GMT 24 hands, I have found that the luminous situated on the triangle area of the hand is globed on and show signs of dripping and uneven application. The lum material is of a different type compared to the factory type, which is a very thin clean layer that sinks ever so slightly towards the middle of the triangle when applied.

Be careful when buying these all 24 hour hands.

The pictures below are not mine but from the web..

The dripping lum under the all red 24 hour hand in the pictures are a tell sign of a later non factory application.

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