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So I wanted a Lumtec that I could grab and run with, so many wind ups and auto's, they are not always all running.
I also own several quartz that are PVD, and one has a very minor scratch, this has made me gun shy in wearing my M57 when I know I could be doing something that could scratch it, and I love that watch, it is a classic.
I wanted a classic SS something from afar could be considered a PAM caliber watch, something I could wear for anything and clean it up with a polishing cloth. I also made it the most valuable quartz I own by putting my real Metta strap on it. (it got tired of waiting for it's home on the bronze after 6 months) It also has an extremely unique Italian coin buckle custom made by an artist from Poland, it is large and very robust. This watch now looks great and could pass for a much more expensive watch. I will go so far to say that if you want to own 1 quartz Lumtec watch the M55 would be the one. And just like the M57 it benefits greatly from a strap upgrade.

Iphone pics


Here it is a better picture in it's original form

If you like a classic clean look, this is a great look and watch, for not that much money. I know some have an aversion to quartz, but I don't, and especially Lumtecs.
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