Thank you for Hamilton Forum

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Thank you Gentlemen all for starting this Hamilton forum.

I just bought a new Khaki Field Mechanical Officer's watch which I will review soon and post pics.

My Speedy and Seastar are in the shop, so my new Hammy is getting ALL wrist time right now. I've even been wearing my other two models, Ventura Chrono and Men In Black Digital again. It's re-sparked my love for the brand.

It's also made me shed the last of the Invicta spell I had on me.

I'm wanting to sell all of them off now and pick up some Hammys.

I've figured out that it doesn't pay to buy a $100-$200 auto if it will cost $150 to get it serviced. My watches from here on it will be $500 and better.

Time for the collection to move forward. See ya In#$(%&. :001_tt2:
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I think most of us started in the same place. Welcome to the next Chapter!
There are a couple of things that are very different at this Forum. We don't take ourselves too seriously, we cover a lot of history, and we can make a lot of laughs...I think I'll drink to that tonight!
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