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Blancpain 1735

Vacheron Constantin 1755

Breguet 1775

Girard-Perregaux 1791

Baume & Mercier 1830

Longines 1832

Jaeger-LeCoultre 1833

Ulysse Nardin 1846

Omega 1848

Patek Phillipe 1851

Tissot 1853

Tag Heuer 1860

Chopard 1860

Zenith 1865

Piaget 1874

Audemars piguet 1875

Movado 1881

Breitling 1884

Doxa 1889

Festina 1902

Oris 1904

Rolex 1905

Rado 1917

Corum 1955

Franck Muller 1958

Hublot 1980

Bell & Ross 1993

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Not to be a troll, but what I find fascinating is how many of these brands are still independent companies?

Brands come and go, get bought and traded, but some of these guys have been making watches under the same family or management concern for 100s of years. I've taken your awesome list and added the ones that I believe are not only producing the same brand, but are still the same company!

Blancpain 1735 (I think)
Vacheron Constantin 1755
(pretty sure)
Jaeger-LeCoultre 1833 (sure)
Ulysse Nardin 1846
(pretty sure)
Patek Phillipe 1851 (sure)
Tag Heuer 1860 (which was first? Tag or Heuer?)
Zenith 1865
Audemars piguet 1875 (pretty sure)
Rolex 1905 (sure)
Franck Muller 1958 (pretty sure)
Hublot 1980 (pretty sure)
Bell & Ross 1993 (sure)

Anyone have additions or clarifications?

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Blancpain is now owned by the Swatch Group.

I don't know the chain of events that led to that, but can they rightfully be called the same company, if they are owned by another.

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Tag Heuer was first called Heuer, named after Edouard Heuer. Later in 1985 TAG (Techniques d'Avant Garde) purchased Heuer. TAG makes high-performance equipment in cars and aviation. TAG helped in modernizing the brand.
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