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Some time back I mentioned ordering and receiving a JL 7751 moon phase watch. You may recall the second hand had fallen off.

I dragged my feet for a week or so trying to decide whether to return the watch for a refund, or have it repaired.

I heard good things about SWI's CS, so I opted to have it repaired. I shipped it back to SWI with a short note and original invoice. The watch was returned to me in about 2 weeks, in perfect condition. I couldn't be happier with the service I have received.

We often are quick to point out when we receive poor or no CS, so I thought it was important to report the good as well..


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I've had two excellent experiences with SWI service. One was actually them just helping me out because I wanted to change out a deployant and needed two anchor links since the pins that attach to the deployant were not removable. The second was a defect issue that they took care of quickly. Android is another company with good CS.
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