SWI First Impressions

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Today I received this SWI. (photo borrowed from the shopping channel)

This was an OTV and the price doubled when the event was over. It came with a free alligator strap and a free watch winder. Here are my first impressions.

The dial, hands, and case are beautiful. Excellent F & F.

The bracelet, while great looking has 2 problems. 1. Some of the links are a little sticky so they get kinked and have to be forcibly straightened. 2. The deployant clasp is hard to snap closed and has a cheap sounding click when it does.

The (free) alligator strap is very cheap looking. I have some leather straps with alligator print or embossing that look better than this one. It feels better than it looks.

The (free) watch winder is mostly white with S-W-I in huge letters on the front. Not exactly designed to blend in with most furniture. I haven't plugged it in yet.

But, I think I'm going to keep it.
More to follow after I size it and wear it. And see how accurate it is.
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Mine SWI Limited Edition has flawless fit and finish and has been problem free.
I wonder if they downgraded components for the OTV. I paid $850 for the watch alone.
@boscoe, Even though the shopping channel went back to $1699 after the event, Lior has it on his website for $799 for just the watch.
Price drop about 2 months after my purchase.
I love the watch.
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