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I'm not the biggest fan of rolex Lagunatic but I love your pics every day. What really makes me laugh is imagining being one of the people in his photographs being pointed at. I mean - you're a scarey looking fellow Lagunatic and if you pointed your finger at me and took a picture I think I would s**t myself.

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Circa 1917 WWI Trench Watch, American made by the Crown Watch Company (owned by the Keystone Watch Case Company).

This is the BIGGEST American wrist watch ever made! It's a BEHEMOTH Size 12s measuring 53mm lug to lug and 47mm without the crown.

This was a factory cased wrist watch, this did NOT start off as a pocket watch, it's the real McCoy!

15 jewels, enamel RED 12 dial, skeleton hands. Still working on a stem issue with this watch but it is wearable for now.

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