Subaqua Noma III Bracelet Sizing

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I just pick up a new Subaqua Noma III Automatic and would appreciate some advise with adjusting the bracelet.
The bracelet has only one full size removable link on each side and a three of half links on each side of the bracelet.
Should I start the sizing process by removing the full size link first?
If I remove the full size link first, I am thinking that the bracelet might wrap around my wrist more comfortably.

Please advise.
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Thanks for the tips for sizing the bracelet.
It was very pleasant to see such a quick response.

I will take some photo's later this weekend to share.
Welcome to The Original Cat Forum, ramon :T

What watches your cat wear?
His name is Subaqua and he is very finicky, will only wear an Invicta.
Very nice, how did the sizing go on the bracelet?
Sizing went very well, I removed two half links and it fit perfectly.

1 - 6 of 13 Posts
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