Strange watches from Canada...

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Has anyone here had any experience with Rufus Gerard watches? They have a banner on a different watch forum, but now they have a full page ad in the Feb 2008 WatchTime.

Seems like a silly name, and the website is kinda cheesy. This Rufuslin company says that it is the sole distributor of Rufus Gerard, Botta (allegedly from Germany) and Angular Momentum (allegedly Swiss).

I put this out not because I am interested in such watches (I do not have the intention of ever owning such a watch), but just that it seems kinda scammy. This Rufus claims to have a Japanese movement and they want to sell it for $8,800.00 USD. They also say:

"Rufus Gerard. A distinguished Canadian name in the Swiss-dominated global watch industry." *ahem*

I am Canadian. I am proud of that. But.....
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You'd be hard pressed to convince me that those watches are worth the asking price. Limited editions, or not.
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