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Depends on the company's ability to grow and generate revenue and profit. Heck they could be public selling crap. Some might say this watch company already exists, but even Fossil made a lot of people money while it grew with trendy designs that people wanted.

I'm not sure that I'd invest in a pure play watch company. There is a difference between trading and an investment. You can make money trading off of Wall Street's short term hype, but more often you'll lose in the longer term. I'm more of an investor whereby I park money in those areas I believe have a multi year ability to grow with the world's macro trends. Watches being a non-essential consumer good would be hard pressed to meet my criteria as they are too whimsical and trendy. However there are companies like Seiko-Epson that have several lines of business that might make a decent long term investment (printers, instruments, precision engineering, high tolerance manufacturing, etc.).

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I think it is interesting... Consider this: With a booming economy in Asia, people are getting richer. Not all can buy big houses are expensive cars, but they can own an expensive watch... I believe a watch is still the only piece of jewelery that is accepted all over the world, for men as well as for women... So in the long term, buying these stocks can make a decent return IMO. If you look at all the brands that the Swatch group owns (from low to high range), and the fact they got hammered these last couple of months, it's on my watch (no pun intended) list... :thumbup1:

Here are some interesting charts of the Swatch Group...

10-year chart

1-year chart

last month chart


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I find stocks to be much like poltics and religion. Take Stock ticker xyz from the abc corporation.

Some will be pitching buy, buy, buy, and others are sell, sell, sell.

I guess the question you have to ask yourself is, do I feel this particular stock is going to do well in x amount of years, and can it survive the econmoic turmoil that we are all experiencing? While history says most stocks will, it is still a matter of a sense of security with the person investing the money. Some take more risks than others, and some gain/lose more than others.
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