Stem and Crown Issues

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Many here have complained of stem and crown issues on larger watches, particularly Invictas with the SW 200 movement.
Croton's boss David Mermelstein addressed this issue in a backhanded way today on TV saying his company had taken extra care to protect the stem in a small skeletonized movement fitted into a 46 mm case.
So the issue - with any of these movements - isn't the movement, it's the case size relative to the movement.
Now, I could go on a tear about why a certain company doesn't address that situation as well, but I'll just leave it at this.
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As many have suspected all along.
I went from Nascar to the watch show for a brief period but when I saw that diamond dialed dive watch I started feeling queezy and switched to golf to calm my stomach.
I have the TV show on as I'm scraping parrot poop. Seems appropriate!

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