Steinhausen Watch Winder

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Has anyone heard of Steinhausen watch winders? Or, do any of you own one? If so, what can you tell me about them? I am looking at the one pictured here. It is a quad that runs on AC and is made of cherry wood.
Thanks for any input you may have. If someone does have one or better yet this one, could you post a picture for me?

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Have you tried doing a search on 'steinhausen' here? I know this question was asked not too long ago & it had a bunch of replies from owners. Also on the archive site.

I do have an 8 watch version. They are nice & well made, but you need to accept a few things. 1) you get what you pay for. It will make noise you'll hear. If you're a light sleeper & want it next to your bed, you better have a timer on it to turn it off. 2) they'll get louder as they get older 3) you'll probably have to tighten the screw holding the bays on in a year or so.

All in all, a good value usually. But if you want wisper quiet, you'll want an Orbita, Wolfe or Eilux. MUCH more expensive usually for the same, but you won't hear them. But all in all, a good winder for the money.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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